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Offering all the supplies needed for the stained glass and fused glass artist!

Fused Glass Classes and Studio Time

We are pleased to offer a selection of classes on fused glass techniques. Effective 2016, we have changed our fused glass class roster. The Intermediate and Advanced Fused Glass classes have been updated to group similar techniques so you can choose an area you are interested in focussing on. In addition to the regular classes, we are holding workshops for specific projects. New workshops will be added periodically, so check back often!
Need more time to work on a project? Call ahead to make an appointment and use our studio. Studio fee is $10/hr with a 2 hour minimum.

Open Fusing - 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month 7-9 p.m.

Runs continuously.
Open fusing is for those who have taken the Introduction to Fused Glass class and want to work on more projects. Firings and materials are not included in the class fee. Please check the schedule for any changes.
Price: $20


Introduction to Fused Glass - 4 Sessions

No previous experience necessary.
Learn basic techniques and terminology relating to glass fusing and firing. Design projects using multiple layers of glass and learn to drape/slump projects on a mold. Project book included in price. Class includes firings.
Price: $150 tuition + materials


Fusing - Beyond the Basics - 4 Sessions

Introduction to Fused Glass or previous fusing experience necessary.
Expand your knowledge of fused glass and learn about dilution, inclusions, reactions and creating your own color blends. Class includes firings.
Price: $150 tuition + materials


Intermediate Fusing - Strip Teaser - 4 Sessions

Introduction to Fused Glass or previous fusing experience necessary.
More techniques are covered including coral bowls, basic edge construction, lattice dish/plaid plate, and stringer strips. Class includes firings.
Price: $150 tuition + materials


Intermediate Fusing - Fun with Frit - 4 Sessions

Introduction to Fused Glass or previous fusing experience necessary.
The techniques included in this class are stenciling with frit, fossil vitrae, powder lace, and frit migration. You will also learn how to incorporate these processes into other fusing projects.
Price $150 tuition + materials


Advanced Fusing - Patterns - 3 Sessions

Previous experience necessary.
Create a stacked pattern bar and learn how to determine the volume and flow of sliced segments. Students will use the tile saw to cut bars and learn methods of damming materials to control flow and shape.
Price: $135 tuition + materials


Advanced Fusing - I'm Melting - 2 Sessions

Previous experience necessary.
Learn how to select and position glass for a 'one of a kind' pot melt. Clay pots are used to channel the flow of glass. Class includes 2 firings and all set up materials. We will have a discussion on the further use of the completed pot melt.
Price: $125 + materials


Advanced Fusing - Strip Construction - 3 Sessions

Advanced fusing class. Previous experience necessary.
Learn how to incorporate melts, pattern bars and part sheets into finished pieces using strip construction. Includes use of the tile saw, cold working instruction, damming materials and firings.
Price: $150 tuition + materials


Fused Jewelry - 3 Sessions

Introduction to glass fusing required, unless you get teacher approval.
Expand your knowledge and interest in jewelry by learning techniques to create beautiful jewelry pieces. Class includes tips on the use of dichroic glass, layering glass, use of frit, noodles and stringers. Firings are included.
Price: $95 tuition + materials


More Fused Jewelry - 3 Sessions

A follow up class to Fused Jewelry.
Expand your jewelry collection with new techniques and ideas. This class builds on techniques learned in the Fused Jewelry class.
Price: $135 tuition + materials


Engraved Jewelry - 3 Sessions

We've had many requests for more jewelry classes. Expand your jewelry collection with a technique that combines fusing and engraving of dichroic glass, while using Zentangle-inspired patterns.
Price: $135 tuition + materials


Know Your Kiln - 1 Session

Please let us know your kiln make and model prior to the class.
This is the time to get over your 'firing fears'. Bring your questions and concerns. Learn about your kiln and how to understand, create and modify firing schedules.
Price: $50 tuition